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Discover what the top 1% of web designers know.

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Discover how we package, price, and pitch our most popular high-ticket web design package – step-by-step.

Your 6-Figure Business In A Box

If you’re wondering what services to include, how to package and price your offer, and how to get clients so you can reach 6-figures, it’s all right here.

How It Works

You get the complete blueprint to generate leads for local businesses. The offer includes five pillars.

  1. Web Design
  2. Google Business Profile Management
  3. Local SEO
  4. Google Ads
  5. Hosting/Maintenance and Support

Don’t worry if you’re not sure exactly how to deliver all five of these pillars. You’ll get detailed step-by-step checklists for each pillar. Plus, I’m here to walk you through every step.

What’s It Worth?

Your offer will have a setup fee plus a monthly retainer. The setup includes most of the one-time components, like building the website. The monthly retainer includes monthly services such as Local SEO, content marketing, and Google Business Profile management.

The price range on a per-client basis works out like this:

Setup: $2,000 – $5,000
Monthly Retainer: $250/month – $2,000/month

Annual client value is between $5,000 and $17,000.

Note: Some of the monthly retainer goes towards the client’s ad spend in the high-end packages. So the gross revenue is higher. The $5,000 – $17,000 is what you actually keep.

Let’s Build Your Offer Together

What Else Is Included?

Lead Generation Course

Get step-by-step training on everything from your elevator pitch to landing clients, including five lead-generation strategies without buying ads. More details below.

Weekly Live Calls

Talk live with Lee about getting more referrals, developing recurring revenue, and getting the most out of networking events like BNI groups – and anything else that’s on your mind.

Monthly Training

The first week of every month, our weekly call includes live training with Lee and other special guests. Topics include sales, marketing, pricing, funnels, and more.

Website Reviews

Blue Theory includes training on what to say on your website. When you’re ready, post your site and get feedback from Lee as well as from other community members.

Member Forums

How do you stay up to date on what’s new? Where do you go when you need help? When you’re part of our group, the entire community has your back, so you’re never in the dark.


We’ll be celebrating victories, winning awards, and helping each other with projects. Running your own business can be lonely if you’re not part of an awesome community like this one.

Lead Generation Course
With Zero Fluff

Step 1: Value Pricing Web Design

Business structure is first, so we can break you free from hourly rates and get you into value-pricing your projects. You’ll discover the secret to capturing people’s attention with a results-driven message. Then we update your website so it’s crystal clear why you’re different.

Step 2: How To Find Clients

Getting leads starts with discovering the best niches for high-ticket, recurring-revenue clients. After identifying your targets you get five new lead-generation strategies.

Step 3: Onboarding

Landing clients is ultimately what this is all about. You’ll learn our powerful Two-Step Close for landing high-ticket projects without spending any time writing proposals until after the client has already agreed to work with you at the price you’re really worth.

Lead Generation Course Outline

Communicating Your Value

  1. Discovering The Value of Your Work
    How (and why) to value price your projects
  2. Writing Your Elevator Pitch
    How to get leads in less than 30 seconds
  3. Updating Your Website
    How to stand out from garden-variety designers

Getting Leads

  1. Ideal Niches
    How to identify the most profitable clients
  2. Five Lead Gen Strategies
    How to get leads without buying ads

Onboarding Clients (Two-Step Close)

  1. The “Get Wins” Framework
    Gets clients to agree to start now at the price you want before you write the proposal.
  2. The Pitch
    How to present your pitch and close the deal in one meeting. (Download: proposal template)

What People Are Saying…

Google Reviews

(42 reviews)

Ara Catchatoorian

3 months ago

Just had an amazing breakthrough meeting with Lee! He was friendly, professional, and super attentive to my questions. He gave me the feedback I was looking for with my business and offered some great tips and advise. I'm looking forward to more conversations with Lee Blue about developing my website design and digital marketing business!

Micaela S. Benn

5 months ago

I was led to schedule time with Lee after watching his webinar. This came at exactly the right time for me. Most people hate YouTube ads and just skip them, but I promise, they’re on target bc I REALLY needed to learn more about what he’s doing! The goal that I had in booking a call with Lee was to get answers to questions that arose on ways to incorporate web design services into my coaching program. See, I teach new and experienced children’s book authors to use digital marketing to reach more readers and profitability sell more books by strategically managing their distribution. This isn’t a niche that Lee typically supports, but he was still able to help me see how to add more value through web design and maintenance services. I took lots of notes! When Lee & I spoke, he not only answered all of my questions, but also shared an objective perspective on how I could extend web design, content, and services that would truly be a benefit to my clients. Our session sparked ideas and creativity that got me excited about the possibilities. I cannot wait to implement!! Thank you, LEE!!

Rishad Bharucha

a month ago

Lee was very helpful in giving me direction and helping me understand where I was at with my business. He gave me some great options and a lot to think about to help grow my business. I highly recommend getting on a call and working with him!

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