Advanced Niche Selection For Easy Clients

If your having trouble getting (or keeping) your clients on monthly marketing retainers, shift your niche slightly outside of the mainstream industries. Here’s why it is better for you and your clients.

Avoid The Rip Current

If you’re swimming at the beach and you find yourself caught in a rip, what do you do? Move to the side before you swim back to shore, right? You don’t fight the giant flow where all the water is shooting out to sea. You put yourself in an area where it is easier to make progress. So, why put your business in the rip with all the competition?

One immediate benefit of niching down outside of the mainstream industries is you give yourself a blue ocean of opportunity. It’s much easier to stand out. Plus, when you connect with your ideal client, it is obvious why they should work with you.

Special Needs Travel Agent

Last week I was working on a marketing plan for a travel agent who needed more leads. The homepage of his website looked identical to what I would expect from any ordinary travel agent.

The headline was bland and ordinary, saying, “Welcome. Why worry with planning? Let our team of experts plan a vacation for you.”

There was a picture of a cruise ship… an entire page about Disney. Then I took a look at the About Us page and found gold. This travel agent is literally certified in planning trips and vacations for people with special needs. He’s a Certified Autism Travel Professional. But you have to dig way down into the About Us page to find that out.

Later that week I was doing a small group training and mentioned this travel agent. There were only about 10 people in the group and one of them said, “Can I have the contact info for that travel agent? I know someone who really needs this!”

Do you think that would have happened if I had just said I know a garden-variety travel agent?

Simply mentioning how this travel agent is a little bit outside of the mainstream generated an immediate, hot lead from a small, untargeted audience!

Make The Retainer Easy

It’s hard to create engaging content for mainstream, garden-variety clients. So, why do that to yourself? You can pick your clients.

If you want to offer SEO, blogging, social media management, email list building, etc., why not make it easy by working with clients that have something interesting to share?

Would it be easier to create interesting blog posts and social media content for a NUCCA Chiropractor or an electrician?

Most people don’t even know what a NUCCA is, but they are able to create life-transforming results for people. It would be easy to create a content calendar for an entire year talking about the impact NUCCA care can have on everything from your digestive health to neurological disorders. You could highlight case studies, client interviews, create short demo videos for YouTube, etc. This would be interesting, helpful, and engaging content. How are you going to do that for an electrician?

How To Fine-Tune Your Niche

If you haven’t already, download Local Market Gems and discover a bunch of great local niches for high-ticket web design. To get the most value from the list, take the examples and then step slightly outside of the mainstream to make it easy on you to get great results for them.

Here are a few examples. I work mostly with health and wellness businesses. I go into the details of why in the book, but I don’t target mainstream doctors.

  • Dentists: Instead of traditional dentists, look for dentists that use low-radiation X-rays, who don’t use mercury in their fillings, or who can help you remove old mercury fillings. Look for holistic dentists.
  • Pediatricians: Instead of traditional primary care pediatricians one of my clients is a house call pediatrician. He literally comes to your house so you don’t have to expose your children to other sick kids.
  • Local Gyms: Instead of ordinary 24/7 gyms, look for personal trainers that work with people in wheel chairs or that specialize in pregnancy fitness.

Pulling Your Clients From The Rip Current

It is common to reach out to mainstream clients to save them from the mainstream rip current. For example, the travel agent we were just talking about. We were able to discover a unique angel for his business. Rather than hiding his special needs certification on the seldom-seen About Us page, we’re leaning into that as a main feature of his service.

Like we talked about before, I wouldn’t normally target electricians. But if an electrician called me I’d ask about the types of clients they work with. What if they specialize in electrical work for old homes with plaster walls and old-school wiring? I can see a lot of interesting content coming from sharing pictures and case studies of renovating old homes. This is an example of how you can create interest by shifting the focus off the work itself and making their clients the heroes. Tell the stories of the old homes. People love that stuff. Have you ever seen HGTV?

Everybody Is On A Monthly Plan

When you’ve got interesting clients, you make it so much easier on yourself. It’s fun to create their content. It’s engaging and generates results. The monthly plan is where the results come from. It’s also where the money is for you.

The difference between a $3,000 client and a $3,000 client with just a $500/month plan is $6,000. In other words, you go from $3,000 to $9,000 just by adding a $500/month plan. That triples your revenue!

If you’re not tapping into this, you’re clients aren’t getting the results they could be getting, and you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Stop Having Slow Months

Join us in Blue Theory, and I’ll personally help you get interesting clients that subscribe to your monthly marketing plans. I’ll show you all the services we’re offering for $10,000+ web design packages and how we’re getting leads for these projects. When people are paying you monthly, you stop having slow months.

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