Blue Theory Certified

Blue Theory Certified Consultants have achieved real-world proficiency in the areas of driving traffic, lead generation, and client acquisition using a combination of web design and digital marketing.

Unlike other certifications, which are purely academic, Blue Theory Certified Consultants have successfully implemented their skills for real-world clients. They have proven the effectiveness of their skills in the following three areas.

Traffic Generation

Generating traffic to a business’s website requires the combination of increasing both the business’s visibility and their authority. Visibility means increasing exposure in front of the appropriate target audience.

Authority comes from developing trust and social proof for their client’s business through the combination of a professional online brand, and a marketing message that communicates clear value.

Blue Theory Certified Consultants go beyond what traditional web design agencies provide. Traditional web designers frequently overlook traffic generation and simply focus on aesthetics. Blue Theory Certified Consultants have demonstrated proficiency in both responsive web design and traffic generation.

Lead Acquisition

Lead acquisition is the skill of converting anonymous traffic into leads that can be nurtured with additional marketing and educational content. Some people will become paying customers on their first visit to your website. Most people will need additional time before making their buying decisions.

Blue Theory Certified Consultants have demonstrated through real-world client experience their ability to convert traffic to leads by successfully automating the collection of contact information from website visitors before those visitors become paying customers. This enables businesses to educate and nurture their leads into paying customers by staying top of mind as their leads are making their buying decisions.

Client Conversion

Ultimately, the main goal is to convert leads into paying customers. Blue Theory Certified Consultants have developed skills and demonstrated proficiency in acquiring new customers for their clients. When working with a Blue Theory Certified consultant, you’re getting more than a web designer. Your working with an online lead generation consultant.

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