Five Lead Gen Ideas

In the 20 years I’ve been running my own web design business, I’ve worked with hundreds of different clients. Only one of those clients found me through organic search discovery. All of my other clients came from the five interruptive marketing techniques we cover in this video.

Interruptive Marketing

There’s a big mindset shift happening here, but it is important to know that what we’re talking about is not an either-or situation. It’s a good idea to have a website for your “traditional” web agency AND also have a website for your Solution First Agency. The important thing to note, however, is the shift toward interruptive marketing for your Solution First Agency.

Interruptive marketing is the type of marketing you do for a product launch when people are not aware of (and therefore not searching for) your product.

Why It Pulls High-Ticket Clients

There are two reasons why you get higher paying clients with interruptive marketing for your Solution First Agency.

When you get a referral or if someone just happens to discover your website you don’t have much control over the quality of those leads. You pretty much just take what you get. It common for those leads to be looking for low-budget work. If this is happening to you, here are some ideas for small budget solutions so you can still help your client but in a way that also works for you.

With interruptive marketing, you’re specifically targeting your audience and qualifying your leads.

The other reason marketing your Solution First Agency pulls high-ticket clients is your offer is more valuable. Instead of focusing on outputs like building a website, designing a logo, creating social media posts, etc. you’re now focused on outcomes like driving traffic, pulling leads, and landing clients.

These are the outcomes your clients are looking for. So, instead of focusing on price which the client wants as low as possible, you’re now focusing on value which the client wants as high as possible. Then you value-price your work based on the value you bring to the client.

The end result is everyone is winning!

Your client is winning because they are getting better results.

You’re winning because you’ve got high-ticket, recurring revenue clients.

When you’re ready, come join the Blue Theory family, and I’ll help you get all of this set up.

Lee Blue

Over the last seven years, I’ve helped hundreds of web designers experience both financial and personal freedom through building their own reliable, location-independent businesses.
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