How The Top Web Designers Get Leads

I’ve gotten pretty good at predicting which web designers will get leads from their websites and which ones won’t. After reviewing over 1,000 websites, I have identified the one thing that divides the winners from the losers when it comes to pulling leads from cold traffic.

Marketing a web design and digital marketing business has evolved, and this is what’s working now.

Experience First Doesn’t Work

As a web designer, you know that getting leads is crucial to growing your business. However, many designers make the mistake of marketing their services by talking about the customer experience first and the results second. Let’s look at why this approach doesn’t work and how flipping the marketing strategy to focus on results first and experience second can help you attract far more leads right in the face of other web designers and lower-priced competition.

Starting your marketing by talking about how much you care about your clients and how great the experience will be is a common mistake among web designers. While it’s important to provide excellent customer service, most clients are first and foremost interested in the results they can achieve with your services. By focusing on the experience first, you’re missing the opportunity to showcase the specific results you can deliver.

The Benefits of Starting with Results

On the other hand, starting your marketing with the specific results a client can achieve with your services is much more effective in attracting leads. Once a potential client buys into the benefits, they’ll be more interested in learning about the experience and customer service you can provide. This “Results to Experience” marketing flow is proven to be more effective in pulling leads than the traditional “Experience to Results” approach.

The Advantage of Solution First Agencies

While traditional web agencies tend to follow the “Experience to Results” marketing flow, Solution First Agencies – like what we build together in Blue Theory – take the opposite approach. By leading with the results a client can achieve, you’re able to attract more leads and significantly higher-paying clients.

The Trick To Getting Leads

The top web designers ae attracting more leads and higher-paying clients by flipping their marketing approach from “Experience to Results” to “Results to Experience”.

If you need more leads, higher-paying clients, and more consistency in your income, you’re invited to join me in Blue Theory so we can work together and get you some more clients.

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