Lee Blue

Lee Blue is a business coach for web designers who want their own 6-figure businesses and are tired of working with nit-picky clients on exhausting, low-budget projects.

Lee Blue the founder of Blue Theory

Why Blue Theory?

Obviously, web design has changed dramatically over the 20 years since I launched my agency.

Ironically, the “web agency” business model has not.

Consequently, too many talented web designers are struggling because their business model is holding them back.

I’m on a mission to fix this.

Blue Theory is where I take all the concepts I’ve learned from two decades in the industry and reveal what’s working now.

Discover The Modern Agency

In Blue Theory, you get the step-by-step blueprint that transforms the old-school, implementation-oriented “web agency” into a results-oriented Solution First Agency.

Once you make the shift, I guarantee you will consistently land more clients at higher prices.

The Results

Over the last five years, I’ve helped hundreds of web designers more than triple their revenue. Here are a few examples.

Watch Our Training

Discover how we package, price, and pitch our most popular high-ticket web design package – step-by-step.

A Few People I’ve Worked With

$2,000 Guarantee

You will make more than $2,000 of new revenue in less than six months, or your next six months are free.

This is more than the cost of membership, even with the monthly plan.

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Your business will grow. Guaranteed.

7-day Money-Back Guarantee

Try Blue Theory for a week. If you don’t love it, contact us for a full refund.