Small Budget Solutions

Sometimes clients have small budgets, but you still want to help, right?

Here are three out-of-the-box ideas for helping low-budget clients get better results in their businesses in a way that still works for you too.

Getting High-Ticket Leads

When most of your clients come from referrals and networking groups like BNI or the Chamber of Commerce, you might find yourself in the flow of low-budget leads. Use the three ideas in the video above to help those people.

It’s also nice to start shifting more toward high-ticket leads, but those generally come from your own marketing, not referrals. The difference is targeting.

When your getting referrals you never know who you’re going to get. When you do your own marketing, you can target the audience you want to work with.

Great Niches For Web Design

One of the core components of Blue Theory is to help you discover the niches (target markets) that are the most profitable. Here are a few of the metrics we look for:

Business to Consumer / Business to (small) Business
These are the types of businesses that spend the most on digital marketing. It makes sense to target the businesses that buy the most of what we’re selling, right? Also, our digital marketing tools (web design, SEO, social media, email lists) are the most effective at reaching their audiences.

$100,000+ Gross Revenue
Our most popular packages for web design and marketing are often over $10,000 per year. If the client has a business selling handmade jewelry or something that is simply not capable of generating over $100,000 in revenue, they don’t need to be buying a $10,000 marketing package.

$1,000 Customers
We target businesses that have customers that have a 12-month value of at least $1,000. These businesses tend to have more earning potential (see requirement above). It also means each new client is a meaningful boost in revenue, so we don’t have to generate very many leads to make a big difference.

Repeat Business
We target businesses that have customers on a subscription or at least have customers who are very likely to be repeat buyers. For example, health and wellness businesses tend to be a good fit because once you find a doctor you like, you tend to stick with them. The same is true for financial service professionals.

Ad Eligibility
We target businesses that are eligible for paid traffic without a bunch of restrictions. For example, we avoid high-risk industries like adult content and gambling. We avoid age-restricted industries like alcohol sales, weapons, or CBD products. It’s also hard to run political ads, so we tend to avoid those as well.

Get Leads For Free
When you become part of the Blue Theory family, you’ll get our help discovering your ideal target market. You will also get our complete lead generation system, including landing page and email templates, so you can land clients without buying ads and without paying for leads.

We have refined our unique lead generation system for almost a decade. We’re currently seeing 10% – 30% conversion rates on cold outreach.

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